Friday, September 11, 2009


I admit it. I can't pass by a flea market,thrift store or antique store without stopping. I have 2 rooms stocked with inventory of items I just had to have at the time. I stopped at a thrift store today & I'm going on a vintage shopping trip this weekend.

But...I love it!! I can't help myself. I think of the lady that wore that vintage necklace,wonder if it was a gift from a loved one,did she only wear it on special occasions,etc. Maybe the history (or the history that I imagine) makes the items so special & hard to pass up(?).

I have these beads from a broken necklace that my Mom gave me (pictured above). Her gret uncle gave them to her & so on. I've thought of so many stories where this broken necklace is concerned. Did it make her smile when she saw it? How did it get broken? Where to did she where it to?

I don't even know what type of beads these are called. If you do,please let me know. Maybe that will give me some type of answer to my (imaginary) story.

Ok..enough about my vintage addiction for now. I've got to make room for new vintage treasure that I hope to bring back from this weekend's shopping trip. SO...I'm offering 25% off your entire purchase in my shop to anyone that follows my blog. Just become a follower to my blog & add your "blog name" in the Notes to Seller section. I'll refund the 25% by paypal. If your purchase is $50 & over, you'll also receive a box of vintage goodies.
Hope all of you have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi-I saw your blog on Flickr's Etsy Group. I like it. Keep up the good work! You say that you just recently went back to it. The blogging world is better because you did. I enjoyed your story, real or imagined :) about the necklace.

  2. Julie,
    Thank you so much! I can't imagine a nicer thing to say to someone. Tonight was the 1st night I've checked for any comments,etc. & I'm so happy that I read yours tonight. I really needed it. You never know how much a smile,opening a door for someone w/ their arms full,~leaving a comment on a blog~,etc. can really make such a nice difference in one's day. Thank you for making the nice difference in my day! I wish you lots of smiles & open doors! Best Wishes,Suzanne

  3. Those are so beautiful.Well I don't know what we call them but its wonderful.I have got a beautiful collection of different colored beeds with me and would like to hear from you more for this. I also cant stop myself buyinh such delicate things if i see somewhere.