Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few of my hand made Halloween decorations

I had the best picture in my head of what these should look like. They're "kinda" close to what I tried for,but I'm not finished yet. I know so many of us ETSY sellers say that an item looks better in's just so hard to get the right photo. Well,these are a few of those items.

I'm very,well,wierd when it comes to others looking at anything that I make myself. "Go ahead & show them to anybody that looks at this blog" I said to myself. I thought it would make me feel just a little better...I'm not sure if I feel better yet.

There's a few boxes of things I've made,but never showed them to anyone. OK~ I've shown a few things. For example,the faux treats/magnets. Lots of views & hearts,but no sales. None! OH~ I did have an order for a small batch,but then the flood came & I was out of service for a few weeks. So,the sale never happened. But I'm still happy the gal wanted them. I'll have to look her convo up & send her a few,just as a thank you gift. Something like that made me feel so good about myself.

Oh well, I'll just try & try again. I've got to buy new supplies before I "try & try again",but when I do,I'll post those photos,too. If anyone sees them or not,at least I know that I put them on there.

If anyone is reading this blog and has a few of their own hand made Halloween creations to share w/ me,please do! I could use the inspiration & moral support.

I have lots to show for "What I Found This Week" & some salvaged pieces that I look forward to working on,but it's getting late...I'll post about that tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams!!

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