Sunday, October 11, 2009


While shopping for vintage treasure in TN,I found this huge pair of vintage curtains. They're lined and are quite heavy. They have a nubby feel to them. In the selvedge,it says "VAT PRINTS",along w/ a little more that I can make out.

I'm "thinking" that they're bark cloth,but I want to be sure. SO...I'm having a contest!! The 1st person that can ID this fabric will receive a $20 gift certificate for my ETSY shop. The certificate is valid for 6 months,so you could use it while Christmas shopping (or buy a gift for yourself~you deserve it!). If holiday shopping,we offer gift wrapping,we'll ship to the giftee w/ a gift tag to let them know it's from you and much more! If you see something in my shop that you want to lay-away,you can use the gift certificate for that,too.

I really want to give this gift certificate away! I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Best wishes & best of luck,


P.S.~ If you love vintage fabric,I have some adorable feed sack fabric w/ gorgeous patterns and in really nice condition & LOTS of damask napkins,hand towels and more that I'll be adding to my shop soon!!


  1. Hi B.Suzanne - not really into vintage and I do like it. I like to look not collect and this fabric is beautiful. I used to collect fabric but dont do much sewing anymore so I have been selling my fabric on ebay in order to get money for my love of beading. I am also on etsy so please browse my store and I will browse yours....never know - I can always buy for others. Keep on blogging.

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment! I do love this fabric. I'll be sure to look at your shop on ETSY. If there's anything I can help with,always feel free to let me know. I think everything goes so much better when we all try to help eachother,just like your comment really helped me (it's been one of those days).
    My very best!

  3. As I posted on your nice flickr is hopsacking and the print design was used from the thirties to the sixties althought the colors on these was popular in the sixties. I have collected vintage textiles since I was a teenager in the 70's and stories from the women who used them as well as women who worked in the textile mills. Like barkcloth, hopsacking lasted well, kept it's color and insulated the windows nicely before HVAC. These are very pretty and the colors are great for today's cleaner style.
    I am happy to find your blog and have passed the link on to my girls. It's hard work keeping a blog going, my recipe blog has been sadly neglected.

  4. THANKS SOOO MUCH,VINTAGEDESIGNSMITH!!! I adore you for all of your help. All of the information,the history of the fabric,the texture...I couldn't have hoped for a more helpful gal!

    After I receive your mailing info,you'll receive a $20 gift certificate to my shop. Also,I'd like to find out what a few of your favorite vintage treasures are. After that,I'll be sending a box of vintage treasure,too.

    Again,thank you so much!
    I'll talk to you soon,

  5. Sorry I can't ID the beautiful fabric. But I love vintage!
    I found you on Flickr & your profile said WV which is where I am from. I Spent a good bit of time around Morgantown.
    I was going to email you to ask where in WV you are.....can't locate an email address.

  6. Hi Glenna!

    My email is I liev in Mingo county~home of the Hatfield's & McCoy's. Our town is having their homecoming this weekend. I'll post some photos of it. I hope to talk to u soon,

  7. Glenna, my email should be

    Thanks again!

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