Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I found this week

My Mom gave me this old carousel. Underneath,it has the "music player" that shows the gears and there's that long's rusted,like so many places on the carousel. You can see the handle right above "PLAYLAND" on the base. Please send info & advice on cleaning this!! I already love it & want to clean it up.

I love vintage fabrics. I found this vintage panel. Does anyone have a few tips on knowing what type of fabric it is,cleaning,etc.?

Flea markets,antique shops,thrift stores...I love them all!! I love to go on the hunt for vintage treasure. Each week, I'll be posting photos and info on the items that I find. I'd love to hear from you on whatever it is I find that week. Some items will need cleaning,touch ups,etc. Any tips & advice would really be appreciated!

These are some of the items I found this week. I sell some of the items in my ETSY shop & I keep the others. The hats are already listed & I'll list the milk bottle today. I love vintage clocks,but I think I'm gonna change this one a little. Any ideas?

Be sure to take a look @ a few of my favorites this week from ETSY. They're near the bottom of the blog page.

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