Sunday, June 13, 2010

Please Visit My New Shoppe

I have a new shoppe that specializes in (suprize) vintage,shabby,chippy & romantic finds! As of now,we have everything from architectural salve to industrial.

It's hosted by PAPPASHOP. I'm still trying to figure everything out about setting the site up. Until I decide if I can buy a web design,I have to do what I can by myself. This is much more complicated that I thought!

I've saw lots of really pretty shops that are hosted by PAPPASHOP,but I just can't seem to get going. **IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS ADVICE,TIPS,ETC.,I'D LOVE,LOVE,LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Enough complaining. This post is to invite everyone to visit my new shoppe...
The Shabby Boutique.

If you find anything you'd like to buy,just use the "contact" area & mention "blog". I'll refund 20% of your total purchase (not inc. s/h).

It's been awhile since I've I've posted anything or even read the blogs that I love,so I'm gonna check up on those now.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day!


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